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Business Start-up is a two-level course for beginners and false beginners who need English for their work. It takes low-level students up to the point where they can start preparing for the BEC Preliminary Examination (early B1 level) and provides a solid foundation for further learning.The Students Books bring reality to even the most basic levels of language learning through the presentation of natural language in authentic contexts, a regular focus on real companies and products, and practice in the communication skills that professionals really need.The A5 size Workbooks come with a CD-ROM/Audio CD offering self-study grammar and vocabulary activities, as well as listening practice on the move.The Teachers Books include full classroom notes, additional communicative practice activities and regular progress tests, plus an end of course/placement test.Key Features* A carefully graded grammar syllabus and a focus on functional, communicative skills enable learners to start working in English at the earliest opportunity.* Engaging; real-world content featuring authentic companies and realistic contexts keeps students interested and motivated.* Workbooks with CD-ROM/Audio CD allow students more chance for in-depth practice at home or in the office.* A regular focus on pronunciation provides support for both speaking and comprehension.* Extra grammar and vocabulary exercises at the back of the book give the teacher more flexibility, especially for mixed-ability classes.* An additional communication activity per lesson in the Teachers Books offers even more communicative language practice.* Natural listening dialogues show English as it is really spoken.* Time Out units focusing on language for travel and socialising help learners build important general vocabulary.

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